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What is the Lake Arbor neighborhood and where is it located?

Lake Arbor is a community of 1001 single-family homes, roughly bounded by 88th Ave., Wadsworth Blvd., 80th Ave., and Lamar Dr., in Arvada, Colorado.

Is Lake Arbor a Covenant Controlled Community?

Yes. Lake Arbor is governed by protective covenants that define what is and is not allowed. The purpose of the Covenants is to help maintain home values and keep Lake Arbor a desirable place to live.

Do I need HOA approval for modifications to the exterior of my house?

Yes. The Covenants require that homeowners receive approval from the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) for external modifications to their homes. This includes paint / siding / and roof colors; fences; structural changes to the front of the home; and major landscaping modifications. If the modification is not approved, the homeowner may be required to remove or restore the modification, at their own expense. Find more information and the ACC application form here.

Keep in mind that you may also need a city building permit for certain modifications.

Fence information is located at

Do the Covenants apply to all residents of Lake Arbor?

Yes. All residents of Lake Arbor must abide by the Covenants, whether or not they are a member of the HOA. The Covenants are a legally-binding contract between homeowners and are enforceable by law. Landlords must ensure that renters abide by the Covenants. Read more.


What do a home seller and their agent need to disclose about Lake Arbor?

The seller must ensure that the listing agent correctly lists the property, disclosing that an active HOA exists in Lake Arbor and that all homeowners are bound by the Protective Covenants. Failure to disclose may have legal consequences for the seller and/or agent.


Where can I find the Covenants that apply to me?

At time of home purchase, homeowners should receive from their closing company a copy of the Covenants that apply to them.

Covenants are also available on this website. To look them up, you will need to know your legal filing number and lot number which you can find on your Jeffco property tax bill.   Your covenants in your closing documents, covenants can be found on the Realtors/Title tab under Governing Documents. 


How are the Covenants enforced?

Homeowners in the same legal filing as the violator are encouraged to address violations in a cooperative manner directly with the violator, when possible. The Covenants provide homeowners legal remedies in court, but that should be used only in the last resort. If necessary, violations can be sent to the HOA for action.

When violations are referred to LAHOA, the violator will be contacted in writing to identify the violation and required remedy. After a reasonable period, uncorrected violations will be referred to the HOA attorney, which could result in legal action.


How do I report a violation of the Covenants to LAHOA?

Homeowners are encouraged to remind their neighbors of the Covenant requirements and that compliance makes Lake Arbor a better place to live. If the violation continues, and a homeowner chooses not to take legal action on their own, violations can be referred to LAHOA by:

  • Emailing details to the Covenants Chair at , or

  • Mailing a description and location of the violation to Covenants Chair, Lake Arbor Homeowners Association, P.O. Box 745942, Arvada, CO 80006-5942. If you do not include your contact information, the HOA may not be able to start enforcement.


Do the Covenants supersede City of Arvada ordinances?

Yes, in some cases.  The Covenants are sometimes more restrictive than city ordinances. As a legal contract between homeowners, the Covenants’ more stringent requirements take legal precedence over city ordinances in those instances.


Can I keep bees, poultry, or other livestock in Lake Arbor?

No. The Covenants prohibit bees, poultry, and other livestock. Although the City may allow such things, the Covenants’ restrictions take precedence, making keeping such animals an enforceable violation. Read more.


Can the HOA change the Covenants?

No. The Covenants are a legal contract between homeowners and LAHOA has no authority to change them. The Covenants can only be changed by a majority of the homeowners in the legal filing to which the Covenants apply.


How do I report violations of Arvada city codes?

Arvada city codes (ordinances) address many issues that the Covenants do not cover. Residents are encouraged to discuss the code issue with the violator, to seek resolution. When this is not feasible or productive, contact the City of Arvada at 720-898-7465 or submit a complaint to You can also submit a service request at the Ask Arvada website or use the Go Request mobile app.


Is there an HOA in Lake Arbor?

YES! Lake Arbor HOA is a non-profit corporation, registered with the Colorado Secretary of State’s office. See our HOA docs page. Its mission is to improve the Lake Arbor neighborhood through Covenant enforcement, disseminating useful information, and sponsoring community-building events.


How much are HOA dues and how do I pay them?

LAHOA membership dues are currently $35 per year. Paid members receive a membership card with discounts at select local merchants that can save more than the cost of membership.

Payment is due by January of each year, but can be at paid any time. The easiest way is to pay via our website here. Otherwise, send a check for $35 made out to Lake Arbor Homeowners Association, P.O. Box 745942, Arvada, CO 80006-5942 and include all your contact information, including email.

Where can I find LAHOA financial information?

LAHOA budget and financial information are available on this website on the financials page.


How can I get the latest LAHOA news and information?

Check the LAHOA website frequently and sign up on the home page to receive news via email.


What kind of community activities does LAHOA sponsor?

LAHOA sponsors several events throughout the year to engage residents with their neighbors and build community spirit. These include an Easter Egg hunt at Lake Arbor park, a pool party / picnic at the Lake Arbor pool in July, a holiday lights contest in December, and several Discovery Trail cleanups from spring to fall.


How is LAHOA managed and how can I participate?

Unlike many HOAs, LAHAO does not have a professional management company. The Board of Directors are all volunteer Lake Arbor homeowners who donate their time and energy to perform all the duties of the HOA. The Board meets monthly and the entire HOA membership meets annually in January. Meeting dates are posted on the website. Visitors are welcome to these meetings.

We can always use volunteers and board members. To join the Board or help out with HOA activities, contact the Secretary at


Does LAHOA provide trash/waste hauling services to residents?

No. Residents are responsible for their own trash removal. Read more.


How do I contact my Arvada city councilmember and other city officials?

Contact information for all Arvada city officials can be found at

Lake Arbor is in Arvada’s City Council District No. 1.


Has the Lake Arbor community ever won the Arvada Neighborhood of the Year Award?

YES!  Lake Arbor won second place for NOTY in 2019. The award includes public recognition of Lake Arbor’s ongoing achievements, a small cash grant, a street sign, and donation of a tree to be planted in Lake Arbor by the city. LAHOA will continue to apply in hopes Lake Arbor will be in first place one day.

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