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Trash Hauling Services in Lake Arbor

On Monday, June 15, Arvada City Council voted 4-3 to adopt a single-hauler trash service for all “non-HOA” residents. Beginning in July 2021, Republic Services will collect all trash in Arvada, except where HOAs provide trash-hauling services to their homeowners OR where non-HOA residents “opt out” of the city contract by hiring their own hauler and paying a minimum $5.15 per month opt-out fee to the City of Arvada.

Even though Lake Arbor has an HOA, it does not provide trash services. Therefore, Lake Arbor residents will be subject to the city contract with Republic or the opt-out option.

Lake Arbor HOA has no affiliation or oversight of trash hauling services. Please direct all questions about this to District 1 city councilmember Nancy Ford at

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